The Damian Files

So this was never completed, infact it barely got started but here's the artwork and the story:

Welcome and thank you for taking time off to join us in my seminar where you can learn to get your host to perform better and hopefully earn a promotion for yourself within the overworld. This is not the sort of thing that I normally do, but the Gods have appointed me to this task to hopefully up the standard of work and get more hosts upgrading the state of the Earth. For those who don't know me, my name is Damian and i've earned my way to the top by supporting a number of hosts from birth to death ensuring that their time on this planet was as earth shaking as was physically possible.

So firstly i'm going to re-illustrate what our jobs as consciences are, then i'll run you through a quick brief of how i've got all my previous hosts to the level that they got to, and then I have a special gift for you all. After i've taken a bit of a break i'm going to return and demonstrate to you all, from start to end, how to take your less than average host and turn them into a superstar. I'll be issuing regular updates to show you how they are progressing, and even let you all in on the problems and solutions that we find ourselves dealing with. So with that, let's begin.

Angels. In its most basic form, it's your job to ensure that your host makes everyone that they meet really happy. You know full well that you receive your rewards and promotions by demonstrating this.

Demons, it's your job to ensure that your host remains really happy. Again you will receive your bonuses from demonstrating that your host is always really happy with their lives.

What we tend to forget is that the overall job is to shake the world. What this means is that your host must be a leader of hosts. When your host says raise your hands, a huge following of hosts must raise their hands without question. If your host says jump, his followers will jump and the joint collaboration of impact upon the earth is what the Gods are looking for. Hence the term 'shake the world'. The more dominating the host is the more bonuses both you Angels and Demons will receive.

So to achieve this guys we need to learn to work together. Every host is different. They have different attributes, skills and strengths. You need to locate these and use them as your weapon to progress further.

So how have I achieved my rankings? Read on...

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