So Tyler returned home from work all smelly after his 4 mile bike ride. I decided that this was a good time to give him some good news, and advance my plans.

"Hey Tyler" I proposed "D'ya know what day it is!?"

He must have been so used to getting no energy from Andre when he got home by now that I must have come across as a crazy. He just looked at me like I was a freak or something. I brushed it off and continued regardless.

"It's payday!! You did it dude, you survived another month without going bankrupt! Congratulations!"

He raised an eyebrow and I saw a hint of a smile, so I figured my little G-up was working.

"So you know what I was thinking..." I continued in an attempt to boost him into the weekend "I was thinking that maybe we should go out and celebrate... You fancy that?"

I saw him ponder it for a second, and then his eyes fixed on me rather cautiously. "Where's Andre?" he asked.

Damn it... he was on to me. "Ummm..." I really should have been ready for this.

"He's decided that we'd been apart too long, so he's taken a few days out to let us get better acquainted..."

Oh my word that was perfect. "Going out was totally his idea, and to be honest... i think he's right".

Yeah, I was on fire! He considered my words for a second and then his eyes fixed on me again! "so what's the key for?" He asked.

SHIT!! "Ermm... this key?" I pointed to the key that was hung around my neck attempting to buy myself some time to be creative.. "This is like my... lucky key... i like to wear it from time to time...".

Yeah that was weak, and i knew it so i quickly jumped back to topic. "So how about it.. you.. me... town?"

He still wasn't looking sold so i continued "Few drinks?... meet some mates?... Chat up some girls?"

It was the last one that got a response "Yeah, alright" he agreed before creeping past me.

Phew... I got away with that one, and accidentally managed to learn that he wants to meet a lady more than he wants to go to celebrate pay day, go to town, drink beer or meet with his mates. I found this very interesting indeed, and i figured i may be able to use this to my advantage when getting him on side in the aim to turn him into a superstar.

"Awesome" I confirmed, "So get yourself ready and meet me here dude, i'll be ready when you are".

Tyler continued up the stairs.

Big Idea
Big Idea

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