Superfast Disaster

So I took myself into his messy livingroom, sat myself down on his sofa and started to flick through the Damian Files looking for the system that I created for teaching guys the basics in getting girls to like them. I created it when I was working on Adolf, but didn't use it on him when I realised that his frustration was what would drive his fame. It worked for Bob though getting him many girls, and many children, so I figured it couldn't hurt to see how it could work it for Tyler. My plan was simple. Get him a girl nice and quick, and then he'd totally trust me and work with me on the bigger mission, to make him a superstar, and make my assignment a success.

I guessed that Tyler was going to be pretty low on the scale so I'd need the notes to remind myself of the fundamentals. 

Just as I found the notes though, he came strolling down the stairs saying "Hey Damian, I'm all good to go."

He had been about 5 minutes, and in that time it appeared that he had found a hoody, and put it on. I was temporarily speechless as I checked the time on my watch. Was he joking?

"Seriously?.. what did you just do upstairs?" I asked probingly.

"Just checked my emails and got a hood to cover the smelly top, and sprayed on some Lynx" He replied.

I was actually speechless… however reading his thoughts I found a grand total of nothing, which meant that he was being legitimate. What this meant was that he was honestly useless and would need teaching everything from the ground up. 

I was half tempted to call off the night out, and sit him down, but I was as much intrigued as to what he 'could' do as I was scared that he was going to publicly ruin himself. I decided to take the risk and continue onwards, though I knew that I'd better take the notes with me.

"Ok dude" I said as i hopped up off the sofa into flight… "Let's go".

Superfast Disaster
Superfast Disaster

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