If at First You Dont Succeed

Well, as I always say, If at first you don't succeed... get violent.

After getting that out of my system I sat with my old pal and explained to him that creating a superstar takes work. Both the angel and demon counterbalances need to find that middle ground. If one takes full control then the host will be a failure.

I explained that I'd check up on Andre every few hours, and only keep him tied up until I'd restored the balance in Tyler. I went on to explain that when i notice that Tyler's beginning to get a little too selfish, i'll let Andre out of his chains, but only one one condition.

This condition was simple:

When Tyler starts to get too selfish, Andre should let me know, and i'll not push Tyler so hard, as this is much more effective than just going straight to Tyler and getting me angry. In return, when I notice Tyler being too nice or giving, i'd let Andre know and expect him to stop pushing so hard also. 

I explained that we were being watched by the gods and that this was the only way to move things forward, get Tyler balanced, and move him onwards towards superstardom. 

It was in both of our best interests to become great counterbalances, so i hoped that Andre would forget the past and be able to start a fresh from the moment that I let him out of his chains.

So with Andre temporarily out of the picture, the next move would be to strike a deal with Tyler. Much easier with Andre in chains.

If at First You Dont Succeed
If at First You Dont Succeed

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