So that night as Tyler slept I decided to get to work and see if i could get Andre on side.

I tried being open and honest by explaining that we need to work as a team to get the absolute best out of Tyler and that I was willing to give in when necessary to ensure that we win in the long run.

But he wasn't having it. "We've got on very well he said.. we have a perfect balance going on already".

So I attempted to explain that Tyler always giving and always losing out is not an example of good balance..

But again he wasn't having it. "He makes people smile and that makes him happy".

So I went on to agree that Andre had done such a marvellous job of helping Tyler grow up into the strong and supportive man that he was, but I also pushed that if we didn't give him something back soon, he's likely to have a breakdown or something. I attempted to explain that a young man can only give so much...

But yet again... Andre was having none of it.

Being Diplomatic
Being Diplomatic

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