Weighing It Up

I decided the best way to play this was to keep quiet. We proceeded onwards to the pub where the lady met her friends and took advantage of free rounds from Tyler after orders from Andre, who naturally aimed to please the crowd. I couldn't knock him for doing his job but I wasn't a fan of waiting for a taxi at 2am with a debit card that may or may not work. 

The words 'I told you so' were always on the tip of my tongue but the need to get Tyler on side gave me the strength to hold back.

Andre was content and happy in the knowledge that Tyler had made a few people happier, but I could see that Tyler was feeling the hurt as he pondered over what had just happened. I stuck with it and just stayed by him, showing my support. 

I listened in on his thoughts, and heard him summarise the night as an epic failure that could have been avoided if he simply got on the bus or biked home. He was tired and unsure about how the next day was going to go.

He turned to me and asked 'what are you here for?'.

He needed support, and that was the chance to give it. 'Believe it or not dude' i replied 'I'm here to help you out. I've been away a long time I know, and for this I apologise. I can make it up to you, but you'll have to learn to trust me. Right now i'm not going to ask you to do anything but get home, get to bed and deal with your day at work. '

Tyler simply agreed.

That was a successful moment. I knew it wouldn't be long before Tyler was totally on side. My next challenge was going to involve getting Andre on side which I knew would take a little more force. 

Weighing It Up
Weighing It Up

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