Rescue Attempt

As this was going to be a first encounter for Tyler, and I mean well, I knew my look wouldn't come across as friendly, so I decided that naked was not an option. To soften the blow I popped on my sexy heart boxers which were fairly appropriate given the circumstances. I froze the scene and launched myself into position between Tyler and the girl who was so interested in him that her phone was getting more attention. 

"Whoa whoa whooaa!" I exclaimed "You might not remember me, I've been gone some time but I'm back now, and I'm here to help you! You do not need to do this. In fact I advise that you do anything but this. It's Thursday, you have work tomorrow. Either return to your mums, get on your bike and head home for free which will make your morning easier, or get on the next bus home in a few minutes.".

Tyler didn't say a word. He just looked at me with a blank expression. My time was also up, as Andre had clocked the time freeze and was heading over.

"Heeeeyyy" he said as he glided into the conversation "Damian's back! Did you have a nice holiday whilst Tyler was growing up under my supervision?".

I was speechless. That was all I needed to hear. My entrance was a fail. Time resumed to normal speed, and Tyler simply agreed and went along with this girl, totally defying my advice, and failing the unintended man test.

If i'm going to turn Tyler into a superstar, I need to get him on side. My late arrival will only make this a harder task.

Rescue Attempt
Rescue Attempt

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