Damians First Assignment

Ok in all fairness I did get lucky on my first host. I came into play in 1491 and was assigned luckily into Royalty overseeing a little baby called Henry Tudor with Joe my Angel counterbalance.

My luck wasn't to simply end with the Royal link, I was also gifted with Joe who was a complete push over.

The way I saw it, if little Henry was inline for the throne, then he needs to decide whether he's going to lead by fear or love. Noticing at a very young age much aggression and selfishness in him i figured it would be a good idea to use this strength and help make his decision for him. So all I had to do was keep Joe under control and allow Henry to display selfishness in a high status lifestyle and hey presto, when he finally popped it it's promotion time for both myself and Joe.

So although Joe and myself were basically enemies throughout, my hard pressings had worked out really well for us both. Lets see, we got him to kick up a fuss with a bunch of wives and beheadings, we had him become disgustingly well known by either lovers or haters and even had him leave permanent marks on the world like the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church which in effect made him stand out from all of his predecessors. In all fairness this would have been nearly impossible for a regular lad to achieve, but if you get lucky with your host, take advantage. That's what I say anyway.

I personally got merits for this one for allowing my host to demonstrate his real personal happiness and fulfilment through the control of his surroundings, allowing his creations and actions to effect the masses that lived under his power.

Gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelette right?

Damians First Assignment
Damians First Assignment

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