After that great kick start I was gifted with many hosts, most of which were really succesful in some way or other in shaking the world or creating chaos on it's surface. Some of which I was ordered to abandon after causing too many deaths and bringing the populous to an all time low. Either way it proves that i'm good at my job. I was rewarded very well for all of my efforts. My portfolio would look as follows:

Henry VIII 1491-1547

Miguel De Cervantes 1547-1616

John Owen 1616-1683

King George II 1683-1760

-Well earned holiday where i simply relaxed--

Napoleon 1769-1821

Thomas Caute Reynolds 1821-1887

-Well earned holiday where i needed to rethink my plans--

Adolf Hitler 1889-1945 (Me and my counterbalance were forced to leave this host just before he passed on)

My next host from 1945-1981 was a young man called Nesta Marley who renamed himself Bob after his middle name later on in his life. This host wasn't Royalty, in fact he was a working class kid in a working class family under really complicating circumstances. In contrast to some of my previous hosts I had to play fairly submissive to get him to get to his status.

This is a team game and I was lucky with my partner. Jesse was my Angel counterbalance. She spent lots of time with Bob helping him create and deliver positive vibes to all those around him through his music. The people loved it and so his following began.

I had decided that this was working for him as well as bringing him joy, so all I did was give him the strength and confidence to get his work out there. I helped him face criticism and denial in his early years. I stood as his guard and stop dead anyone who challenged him or got in his way. If you're gonna try to stop the good vibes or bring negativity to my host I will personally bring you down!!!

Past this there was not much work for me to do. Most Demons couldn't sit back but at the end of the day, I knew that if Jesse and I were victorious with this host, then we would both be rewarded. So it was simple. Sit back and protect. As you may have guessed we did pretty damn good and made a pretty solid team. It can be sad to leave your counterbalance after a host has passed on if you actually get on. It can be near impossible to meet with them again in the overworld. Regardless I give respect to good work where good where respect is due.

Bob Marley
Bob Marley

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