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So in a nutshell my students, it's all about working as a team, and being open to the idea of submission to your counterbalance. Much harder said than done, I understand that, which I guess is why the Gods requested that I host this seminar. So as promised I bring us on to my latest challenge, which is not just creating a successful host, but step by step showing you guys what I do and deal with.

I find it's most important to start nice and early with your host. Probe them and test them, find their strengths and weakness. This time I appeared to have been assigned to a particularly weak candidate. I think the Gods are trying to test me or something. They're definitely frustrating me, as you'd think that by pure odds I should have been assigned a female host by now. Either way I found out pretty early that he simply wasn't picking anything up. He was not a quick learner. In fact he struggled with most things at first. His name is Tyler and he is going to be a pretty fair challenge, but to be honest, I've had worse.

My counterbalance appeared to be pretty level headed. He was proud to have been assigned a host along side me and was willing to listen to my advice, which was nice. His name is Andre. I found out a long time ago that it's just as important to befriend and understand your counterbalance as it is to befriend your host. At least you'll know how firm you need to be when it comes to crunch time.

After lots of probing and testing we finally found a strength. Although Tyler was slow to pick up new things, when he had got the hang of something his development in that area was pretty impressive. He fell into the artist bracket nice and early but we found that as long as we kept him focussed in any area he would eventually prevail.

Andre was happy with the artist title as Tyler would show artwork to friends and family and bring smiles to all. I was happy because Tyler was happy doing the work and oddly got some sort of happiness from the smiles that he delivered. He developed nicely so when he hit 6 years old, I decided to cash in on my Holidays and use the time to come up with a plan for showing you guys what i'm doing. Also get some well earned rest of course. 

So that was me. Andre was doing fine promoting the artwork, Tyler was happy and I felt confident enough to leave them for 10 years whilst I get in some good relaxation.

My Most Recent Host
My Most Recent Host

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