Being confident in what I could achieve with this one, I had decided to take all of the break that I had earned, meaning that I could start this challenge on a clean slate. This would give me more incentive to work harder, be victorious and earn more time out when his life comes to an end.

So this is exactly what I did. Relaxation is what I wanted but unfortunately, when you're as well known as I am it's hard to find time to relax. On a daily basis I seemed to be invited to hot party after hot party. Not every Overseer gets to experience the hottest events with the hottest company so I figured I'd get myself involved for the sake of those who could not.

It was only really after an 11 year solid party binge that I was given a nudge, and reminded that I had a pretty important roll to be playing, and that maybe my time should have been spent preparing myself for the high pressure situation that was to follow. This conversation kind of hit home and so the very next day I began to compile the set of notes that in theory would make this whole challenge a slightly smoother journey.

Time Out
Time Out

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