So I arrived on scene and had to try to work out as much as I could, as quickly as possible. I had made some fairly educated guesses at this stage and come up with the following description of that current moment.

"He appears to be using his Mothers house as a pit stop on the way to some place else, he keeps checking his idle phone, and has declined his Mothers offer for food. The TV is on, but he doesn't appear to be noticing it. He seems to be locked in some kind of day dream and doesn't seem to be interacting with Andre at all. He has a bag which appears to contain a change of clothes. By the smell of them i'd say that they were old clothes in the bag. He's freshened up after a bike ride or run."

Additional points that were not noted included the fact that if he lived there, he wouldn't keep a smelly bag with him, so he must live elsewhere. The family portrait shows no sign of a father figure. Just a large happy family with a single parent. 

Tyler seemed restless and very guarded. He could be preparing for a date or something. This worried me a little when considering the smelly bag and his choice of clothes. I was very intrigued to discover what was going on, so I stayed behind cover and waited.

Eventually, a text message came through. I saw his face drop, then he looked at Andre, who gave him an authorising nod. He picked up his posture, gathered his things, yelled bye to his mum, and headed out into the night with Andre hovering close by.   

I followed a short distance behind them, wondering whether Tyler had grown into a drug dealer or some other suspicious character.


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