The Yakamazi Story

This is the heavily coded story, based on true events from a 5 year paintballing experience. For Ballers who can decipher the codes. This story may bring back memories. For those of you who don't know what the tournament scene was all about, this is just a good fantasy tale.

This is a story about the rise and fall of a killer. It takes you into the semi-fantasy Yakamazi World, which pulls together all the greater things in stories. From dragons, swords, shields, honour and warriors; to war-machines, robots, guns and explosions; and to zombies, magic and demons. What more could you ask for. This story is guarenteed to be a really long one so bear with it. It's been written. I'm just waiting to find the time to draw the images that match the stories. You may notice the art style adapt as you go through the story. That'll simply be me slowly improving and raising my game. By the end of this story I intend on creating masterpieces that'll put the current images to shame.