one of these things before. It was hollow machine with wheels that moved around whilst making a loud rumbling sound. We all took a seat inside and when everyone was in, we were closed in and the machine began to move. I sat by a window, which made me feel a bit safer as we moved. The fact that i could see movement outside even in the dark was enough for me to accept that i was safe. But was i? I was on my way to a great wall. I was on my way to a great battle. There was a chance that I would not return.

It was late. Most of the others had fallen a sleep but i couldn't. I knew I needed to, but I was being kept awake by; either my excitement, my fear and the endless replays of my previous battles going round and round in my head.

I felt proud to be wearing the black cloth. I looked around to see the other 3 from our group wearing theirs as they slept. Although I was young, naive, inexperienced and physically weak in comparison, I felt like i was part of this team. This small squad of warriors, and we were on our way to a big challenge. I didn't know whether it was the fact that the cloth I wore was blessed... (In all honesty I didn't understand the benefits of this)... but under my fears I did feel a wave of confidence. I knew that I was going to a scary place, but I was with good company, and I was confident that we could achieve what we had set out to do.

I knew that I would try my best to overcome any obstacles that I was likely to run into. I knew I would not let my team down. I knew I would not let myself down... but I was still scared... and I still couldn't sleep.

Definitely In
Definitely In