We went to a lock up at the end of the main hall. It was a dark room lit only by 3 flames at the rear of the room. There was a huge table and rows of seats to accommodate the great number of followers. Big Ian took position at the head of the table and began his speech.

"We hoped never to let the knowledge of the existence of these invaders leak out to your peaceful lands, but now unfortunately the damage has been caused. We had to send our best defense teams to a great battle on the mainland, but in doing this we had left ourselves vulnerable to attack. We have failed to protect you this day and your peaceful lands have been invaded by the demons.

Our great wall has been breached, and this is giving the invaders an entrance into the peaceful lands. The invaders strength is not great, but we are lacking in the numbers to drive them back. I am Big Ian of Sanders City and i am requesting your help in taking back The Great Wall and making these peaceful lands safe again. We will supply you with the arms and basic training. We will give each team a trained leader and i shall be there with you on the front line. You will be paid for your efforts and after the Wall has been taken back you will be free to return to your homelands if you wish to do so. Your lands need you. We need you. I need you. The transport will be leaving in 1 hour. If you wish to help us in our efforts please be onboard."

and with that he left. The room was quiet at first, but then people started to chat between themselves, probably deciding. I had found myself making my messy hair messier by twisting it, probably through nerves. I looked over at Ben. He seemed exited. I was in. I'd protect these lands with my greatest efforts. I'd be on that transport in an hour.

Big Ian
Big Ian