Getting Social

With the process of creating the comic very much underway I decided that it was time to start to attempt to build a following.

Why would I need to do this? Well if nobody cares about the graphic novels, who would ever purchase it when it is released. The more interest you have before it’s release, the more likely the book will be to sell once complete.

The main storyline itself, as well as the title of the story, remains a secret at this time, so driving interest is always going to be a major challenge at this time. I’m fully aware (working within the media industry) that it takes several months of hard work to generate a following, so at this stage i’m very aware that the interest in this blog and my project is minimal.

After all, there is very little to look at, and If i have nothing to offer you, why would you waste your time with me?

So my first action was to revive my DeviantArt profile and drop in what little I had. This way I could start to view the artworks of others, leave comments and feedback and hopefully gain some feedback and followers in return. This would at minimum show the world that I exist. Little interest is better than no interest. I have found that joining groups is the best way to gain interest so every couple of days i’m simply checking in and offering positive feedback. I have a selection of images, mostly unrelated to the project at this stage. In time i can group project items together but for now I just needed something to get me going.

The next checkpoints would be related to the blog.

  • Up the SEO so that google knows I exist.
  • Start to introduce new components
    • Add an image gallery (and images)
    • Add a contact form
    • Change the about section to focus entirely on the project
  • Add social media links
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • DeviantArt
    • Pinterest

Then get to work on actually gaining viewers

  • Start to offer content on social media
  • Start to ask questions
  • Start to offer answers to questions asked
  • Regularly post updates
  • Find some forums related to the subject and get involved

These topics will be covered in later blog entries as the work is carried out.

Release Date:3rd February 2017Last Edit:21st September 2017