Another Change

The process of checking through all the content and cleaning up the mistakes was taking some time. Being over 300 pages of comic the manuscript was rather extensive, so no matter how many times I went over it, I was constantly finding issues and mistakes. I fully intend to send the manuscript around to have it checked by external sources however I’ve decided to change the format a little.

My decision was to break the story into 4 smaller books of around 90 comic pages each.

I found suitable points in the larger story to break the comic up, leaving us at cliff hangars and ensuring that each book contains enough drama and events to keep the reader engaged. The benefits of doing this (for me) are as follows:

  • This is much more manageable.
  • I can personally read through each manuscript book in under an hour.
  • It breaks the story up enough to easily see what needs to be added/removed.
  • I can really look into characters and re-format their language to define them better.
  • I can now see at short glance which characters are neglected.
  • I can start creating actual comic pages sooner.
  • I can potentially publish a smaller story earlier and consider consolidating all books into a larger one at a later date.
  • I can focus all my attention on this smaller section without being overwhelmed by the entire story

Making such a decision meant that I needed to adapt my comic creation machine to include books, thus allowing me to assign chapters to books and re-order content as before. Also the exportable manuscript needed to be of just the required book.

With this complete and all the chapters moved to their respective books last night I was able to sit with my girlfriend and read through the whole thing thus securing my first critique.

Consensus: So far so good.

Release Date:3rd February 2017Last Edit:21st September 2017