Setting Sail

Yes it’s been ages since i’ve posted, but never mind, at this stage of the adventure I dont think I have any viewers anyway, let alone followers.

So lots has occurred, and lots has been learned. Lets start rom the top.

  • I’ve started creating a new framework for the website which will be applied very soon. This will allow me to create any kind of content in record breaking time with clean SEO. It also allows me to post all the old stories and blogs from previous versions of the Yakamazi site and allows call to action from social platforms.
  • I found a way to speed up the artwork creation. This involved developing an image which acts as a page template and writing style offering me a grid to ensure all dialogue is clean and consistent. (procreate doesn’t have text support and i found that exporting artwork to add dialog later take way too long – and is rather tedious). Drawing the text looks much better IMO.
  • I completed the first few chapters and noticed that my art style changed from the first page to the last. So now my style is fixed i’m going back to the original pages and doing them again whilst using the new grid system. Text is being re-done across all pages.
  • I’ve finally settled on a name for the Graphic Novel and am in the process of developing the brand.
  • I have decided to post the entire first book on this site, committing to add a new page/spread every week/fortnight. As nothing is set in stone until the entire first book is released for print and sale, this will be a great way to question my choice of frame art and dialogue to ensure that when the book is complete, it is in fact complete. So we can overwrite artwork that is modified online.

So watch this space!

Release Date:7th September 2017Last Edit:21st September 2017