When I was halfway through the manuscript I decided to create a website to help promote what I was doing and hopefully build a following.

One thing I’ve learned over the years as a general best practice is to drop that pride and remove perfectionism as a requirement. From the comic perspective this means finish the story before going back over it to modify and improve it. The same law applies to this website. It looks basic, yes, but at least it’s live. Updates I can do as time goes by.

Being a software engineer by trade and with free time against me, I chose wordpress as a base system (rather than creating a bespoke system) as its quick and simple. I do however refuse to use plugins as i’m a bit of a purist and control freak.

I created a new theme for myself which is so plain it’s scary but it offers all of the primary functionality that I required for my site. Questions, Answers and Quotes connected to each post but available site wide, and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Control. Simple and effective.

Total cost so far £0 and 12 hours.

Hosting and domain names come at a price. For a wordpress you don’t need much to get started but I already had a neglected website and domain name that I could use so I just used that.

Yakamazi.co.uk was the site I used to promote my old paintball team and write blogs which helped promote my new team (NK) as we climbed the ladder in the european tournament paintball scene. I’ve been out of the game for a while now so this site was redundant and just displaying 7 images which had a positive empowering message for anyone who viewed it.

I felt like it was fair to take this site as the word Yakamazi for me became a symbol of creating something from nothing. What more could you want from this zero to hero (or bust) style blog!

Release Date:17th September 2016Last Edit:21st September 2017