Finding the Time

So with the website finally launched that brings us into real time blogging! It took me more than 2 weeks to actually launch the website from the time I started it even though the thing only took a couple of afternoons to create.

No further work was completed on the manuscript either so productivity was grounded to a halt.

Why was this?

At the time it felt like I had all the excuses in the world. I wasn’t getting 5 minutes to myself. Sometimes working late and other times I was dealing dramas that were being sprung on me.

Looking back I see that these are just excuses and a great example of poor time management.

I am responsible for my own time and with this in mind I’ve decided to make some changes to the life schedule nice and early in this adventure campaign to help me focus and reach the end.

If I could dedicate an hour a day it would be nice, however I do seem to work better when i can group a large block of time and become engrossed in the story as I write it out. With this in mind i’ve declared Sunday the day of domination. The rest of my time can continue to be stolen, wasted, given away as life adds its frequent challenges and piles on it’s responsibilities and dramas. It’s important to know, however, that if i do free up an hour here or there in the week I will be using it to progress further with the Manuscript.

This sunday has been very productive and so I’m liking this as a general routine.

Release Date:18th September 2016Last Edit:21st September 2017