First Draft Complete!

That’s right! Lets celebrate the little victories shall we.

Now it’s not perfect as mentioned in previous posts but the fact is that I got through it. Now, in my mind, I have a solid view of all of my characters. I’m aware of what needs to be removed, what needs to be added and what needs to be changed.

Now that I have a base I can start to do a few things as listed below:

  • Develop the story
  • Fill in the holes (yes I found many holes)
  • Develop the characters
  • Start drawing concept art for characters, props and scenes
  • Extra homework to ensure my information is as accurate as possible
  • include extra scenes to pump more information into the story

The thing that I didn’t expect to happen was that as soon as i’d completed it my mind started to formulate the next story. I am showing restraint though. I’ll start no sequel until the first one is completely complete, as in printed.

Currently it has 318 pages with 42 chapters. This makes me feel like I need to break it down into volumes. To do that I need to time the most dramatic parts effectively and consider 4 stopping points that will draw the reader into the next part.

As you can see there’s a lot to do. So firstly, some organisation is needed.

Release Date:26th December 2016Last Edit:21st September 2017