It's pretty common to see the odd lady killer or man eater displaying a level of teasing to their foolish challenger. In this image our Teaser will clearly get nothing of any use to him from this victim of his. I call her his victim here, because she is clearly blinded by what he has to offer her and appears to be completely neglecting the fact that she is of no use to him what so ever. 

She is (in this case) at risk of being used and tossed aside or simply have her confidence shattered as this tease shows her or gives her a little taste of what he has to offer.

It could come down to wanting to feel powerful, absolute confusion or simply bordom but it's not rare to see a person who has lots to offer others, dangle themselves just out of grabs reach or jump in for a short moment. It's also not rare to see the same person regret what they did or question themselves in an attempt to seek the reason why they even bothered wasting their time in the first place.

If you are any of these people, it's not my job to tell you how to resolve it. Just look at more of these images and wait for the conclusion. It might clear some things up for you.

It's sometimes nice to see the dynamics from another perspective, regardless of what side of the fence you see yourself on. This is what The Compatibility Series is all about.

Quick note. Yes Tease is a noun :P It took me ages to find a 'ness' or 'ism' word for most of the characters in this series. Tease seemed to be only one that worked without so far. There is another one to come but we'll get there when we get there. 

The Teasing and the Foolish
The Teasing and the Foolish

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