Submissiveness and Devilishness

Just incase you wondered how these odd pairs come together in the first place, I popped together this next situation. 

What we have here is the potential start to an imbalanced relationship (if it gets that far). It shows a lady getting what she wants from a guy, by use of smart manipulation, with no intent to give anything back.  

This poor fella has fallen for the manipulation and given the woman what she wants in exchange for something nice, that's unfortunately no good to him in his bigger picture (Her shape wouldn't complete his gap). 

You may notice that his shape fits her but it's not the right colour (in this case) so it's still not perfect for her, but some would say it's worth acting for. In this case our Devilish diva has simply hidden her shape from Mr Submissive's view, leaving him vulnerable to her suggestions. He doesn't know what she has to offer him, it could be simply one question away, but until then he may just go along with it and enjoy the pleasant times.

Our problem occurs shortly after, either when our Devilish diva has had her fix and is done with this guy, or when Mr Submissive finds out that she has nothing for him. In either case an end for this potential relationship could be as close as around the next corner when either of them finds a better match. 

Anything anyone wants to add to this one?

Submissiveness and Devilishness
Submissiveness and Devilishness

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