The Shape of Things to Come

I had spent the last 3-4 months practicing the art of drawing images in the style of Jamie Hewlett’s, Gorillaz. Before that I did the same thing for the Blind skateboard guys, and the artwork from Time Splitters (Xbox). I do things like this when I feel like the world isn't enough. I get urges to learn more. Anyway I had just about completed the Gorillaz style and finished up with the image currently on my myspace page. (You may notice that the self-portrait would fit very nicely in the Demon Days album cover). I like to learn by copying, and then prove that I have their system installed in myself by testing myself with a piece of work that could be easily mistaken for theirs. I felt like I had accomplished that and so I decided to put all the 3 mentioned styles of art together and (in effect) create a new style. The image I came up with is on the right, which is the perfect introduct y were fully supportive. Others, but only a couple, totally flipped out and said that if he changed, he’d lose all of his friends. That all seemed over dramatic, so he went with the majority vote and took the challenge. And lets face it, he's seen it, you've seen it, we've all seen it. Bad boy comes first.

Obviously the transition from good guy to good guy with added cheekiness, open funniness, spontaneous ness, and front that would stop all opposing men coming anywhere near him to start trouble if he accidentally found himself chatting with their girl... was not going to be an easy task. Not when he was as nice and as caring as he was, but he would try his best. 

He knew what he needed to do though. Speak his true thoughts even to girls (symbolized in the images by spiky teeth). He lived and let live so this would be a change. Also, he should tie up Mr. nice guy for a while and lean towards his (previously hidden) devil, who in turn would pull him to the darker side, and increase his chances at getting more involved with the ladies. His riddle was that if a girl put up with his bad side or saw through it, they would have access to his angel. A perfect plan...

Nev and his counterbalances
Nev and his counterbalances