Day 2 (Tuesday) came along, and all he could think about was an event that happened on the Sunday. He had had a day off from training down at Dartford, so he decided to spend the day at Wicksteed. Basically training. So he was kitted up and ready to do laps and practice dive and crawl techniques in his quiet spot, but he was also packing a secret weapon... a pencil and a pad, for when he was knackered and needed to rest.

He drew lots of things that morning but nothing that inspired him to start his rally of images. All of a sudden he got a few calls, and from that he had a few troops coming out to meet him where he was training. Together they turned a great day into an awesome day. They spoke of relationships and cartwheels and all that needed to be talked about, but the most important thing to stick in his head was something that made him think all the way through to Tuesday where the idea of this image had arrived. 

A random daisy was picked and sold to a girl in exchange for a shimmy. Why was that daisy so important to the girl? It made Nev think about his life and current situation. He could be anyone he wanted to be, and be with anyone he wanted to be with. All he would have to do is show them why (even though he looked the same as any other man) he was better than them, and worth more. And so his first image came to mind.

His image shows himself thinking hard, after doing activities that allow him to get grass in his hair. His water was nearly gone so he'd been there for some time. He can’t think of what to draw but he's considering a lot of things. The main thought was that of the daisy, that stands proud to the left of his image.

A Day at Wicksteed
A Day at Wicksteed