So he had a plan. Monday came and he was invited to go out and play pool with the types. To be honest, he was battered all evening. He wasn't born to be a pool player. He has the ability to calculate angles and make up silly rules but the truth of the matter is that he's no good... and yes his opponents were girls. Again. I feel I must apologize to man. He keeps committing these offenses, which give us a bad name as a race. He's working on them all... give him time and he'll become a role model for you all.

Anyways that night he was being a bit of an undercover agent. This was a fairly new group of people who weren't yet familiar with who he was. So he decided to step it up. He had brought back the idea of magic icons, items and talismans. This was something that he had played with before. Dumbed down it's basically like if a kid gets new running shoes, they might think for a few minutes that they can actually run faster. When Nev refers to real magic... this is what he's talking about. An item that makes you think you are improved in some area is a magic item. Nev decided that his eclipse jacket was to remind him of paintball. When wearing it he should have the same attitude as when he's playing. He wore his skate trainers to remind him that he should be calculated and smooth, regardless of the situation, and when he looks at the Yakamazi bull on his wrist, he should let the horns remind him of his demon, and he should let his Demon speak more freely as well as restraining him from wanting to give all the time.

To his surprise, it worked. He started off light, and slowly increased the velocity throughout the night, making sure he was in full control of his actions and words at all times. (He assumed this helped him ease it in undetected) He was strangely relaxed with all this as well. There were many occasions when his demon was restrained, as his words would have offended or shocked some people as and when it wanted to say them, but other than that, it all went just fine. Nev was particularly impressed with the fact that nobody even clocked to what he was doing. Which meant that he must have been doing a good job. If they read this, they may now realize that he was all alert and outspoken that night, when most nights he'd simply listen, and only talk if they wanted to talk to him. 

He wasn't used to forcing calculated random conversations and entertainment out of himself for a crowd, but it was good fun. He learned loads. He had had a good night, and by the sounds of things, so did everyone else. Perfect.

Pool Shark
Pool Shark