Before explaining the (hopefully by now obvious) event that's taking place here, i'm going to quickly ensure that we are all up to speed with what's going on from a shapes perspective. It's clear that Mr Greed's shape fits snugly in both ladies in the image. So it's clear that he can offer them both (one at a time) pretty much everything that they need.

You may also notice however that his Desperate lady friend's shape doesn't appear to be a snug fit for him. Using some logic you may notice that if you connect the orange shape to the green shape, it would then create a new shape which would fit snugly inside Mr Greed's gap. So to summarise, Mr Greed would need both of these women to fully satisfy his needs.

So what's going on here then? Mrs Desperate is getting all that she needs from this man. She knows how hard it is to find such a match and her confidence in herself is fairly low so the idea of leaving him is pretty scary for her. She gives him something, that's why they're together, but she knows deep down that what she gives him is nowhere near enough. She sees him flirting with other women and probably knows that he's likely to cheat, but she feels she has to forgive and turn a blind eye as to not lose what she has. Sad.. but it happens. Ever heard the quote "I hate him but i can't leave hi because I love him."?

Miss Naivety is easy to explain as you've seen it before in this series. He's probably told her that he's going to leave his wife for her and blinded by the gifts that he offers her, she falls straight into his trap.

And Mr Greed. Not his fault that he's been built this way. It may have even been an issue that developed as he got richer and more famous, but still, very unfair on his lady friends. Some may argue that everyone's getting what they need out of this, but in truth, we can all see that if Mr Greed cheated on Mrs Desperate (who was turning a blind eye) she would feel even more insecure and a bit of a spare part. She may start to feel like she needs more attention. This change in need is that object that manipulates the shape of her space. It wouldn't be long before he could offer her noting that she needs.

Food for thought. Did I cover it all?

2 more to go peeps :)

Greed Explained
Greed Explained

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