Compatibility Success

The incredibly rare case where 2 people meet who are truly perfect for each other. How does this happen and does this happen?

It's scarily rare. That's pretty fair to say, as what i'm talking about here is not some fleeting passionate experience that lasts all of 30 minutes (before you realise that the other party is actually totally not your type or that 'there's another side to them') but the actual meeting of 2 perfectly compatible beings. Where both shapes and colours match. As when 2 people are brought together and are as secure with each other as this, there is nothing that the world can throw at them that could cause the shapes to warp or the colours to adapt. 

So this is it. This is what most of us proactively search for or try to grasp in our lives. I remain vague in my explanation of this one because deep down my personal thoughts about this type of relationship may be harmful to readers lol

All that i'll say is that a lot of us manage to find secure relationships in our lives (that either make it or dont) and personally I believe that this is totally fine and well worth fighting for. It's being a perfectionist and ever pushing to find absolute success that causes most of the compatibility issues that we have to deal with in the first place.

I'll attempt to conclude this series, not with another variation of compatibility, but more of an outro to help bind them all together and summarise all of the points that were mentioned.

Hope you enjoyed them :)

Compatibility Success
Compatibility Success

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