Big Boss Nevie

So here we are. Nev has reached the end of a hard fortnight. He has had a great laugh in drawing these images, and as he was going along, he managed to find out how amusing his life actually is, which is why he was happy to share it all with you. He had dealt with lots of emotions but every time the images made him realize that it was just entertainment, and should be dealt with constructively.

He did however decide that he needed to have a grand finale image to sum up what he had learned and let you guys know where he stood and where he's heading. He came up with this, and it was nice to have Coldy watching him put it together. For the last fortnight he had been alone doing these images so it was nice to have someone there. Coldy didn't say anything though. He just said that it's very impressive to watch and he understood what it was all about. Which again, Nev thought, was nice.

The story and conclusion piece to this series is mainly aimed at Nev being a ball bag, and being too nice especially to the female of the species. Nev decided to conclude this series himself. I hope you've had fun reading and seeing these images and I hope there's something you can learn from them. Over to Nev:

'I've decided to play a game. I am Big Boss Nevie. You are my new challenger. You must earn the right for me to treat you like one of my good friends. Only challengers that reach my platform or defeat me will be allowed to relax within my Inner Sanctum. I have gifted you with 3 lives, which will be your maximum allowance for lives. For every mistake you make. You will lose a life. If you do something good, you will earn a life. Lose all 3 lives. And you are out. Challengers will all be classed as friends. Non-Challengers or failures will be classed as associates or memories. 

If you consider yourself to be higher than my level then that's OK. Once proven, I will be happy to become your challenger, and work hard to reach your platform provided it's worth the effort. Or prove myself to be worthy of your Inner Sanctum.

I hope these images and stories have brought a smile to your faces. Thank you.'

Big Boss Nevie
Big Boss Nevie