Website Minor Update

Well the update looks minor but the work carried out was rather significant. On top of this I also setup a Facebook page and connected my social networks to the site. 

Since the last post i’ve been sending out weekly posts on Facebook and Instagram. Timelaps videos on Facebook to show how i’m creating the concept artworks and images on Instagram just to get people viewing. Each of these have been getting many views however shares and comments have been pretty limited. This just gives me something to work on, whether it’s presentation or how I describe the artworks, I don’t know as yet, but it’ll all come together in time.

Without the website being ready the viewers may have lost but now we’re in business so future posts can direct traffic here.

As for the novel itself, the new process is working really well and i’m now happy with what I see from page to page. It all looks consistent. There’s no elements/props magically appearing or disappearing and the dialog is clean and easy to read. The support and concept art is also coming along very well so over the next few weeks you’ll be seeing artwork which may help paint the picture of the vibe of the graphic novel.

I’m very much looking forward to the new year when I start to release comic pages on this site.

For those who are a little impatient or interested in what sort of artwork i’ve created in the past, i’ve added a selection of mini stories and failed artworks dating all the way back to 2008. A lot of what i’ve showcased has helped me in the past, finding my own direction in life and describing events and situations that I feel moulder me from a boy to a young man. So however basic the artwork and terrible the unedited content is, i’m Still proud of it all. Beware though, there’s a lot of offensive material out there. Take all with a pinch of salt. Enjoy, and Peace.

Release Date:21st October 2017Last Edit:21st October 2017

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