A Starting Point

Lets start with a confession.

The website wasn’t the first thing on my todo list which means we need to do a little catching up.

I have a natural ability to draw and it makes me feel great when I complete artwork. I also enjoy writing even though I have absolutely no skill in the area. My spelling and grammar are awful but if i enjoy it, I need to factor it into my project. These made creating some sort of artwork a no brainer for me. The choice to create a graphic novel was a bit of a wild shot in the dark though. Anyone with any common sense would likely start small with a simple comic and see if it works for them, but I love the challenge and seem to perform better under extreme loads of pressure – so for me, going hard and diving into the deep end with a full graphic novel was the way forward.

What do I know about graphic novels? Well all I can tell you even at this stage is that they are like comics but bigger. So instead of being a monthly 12-16 page purchase from your local comic shop (not that I ever did), they’d be more like a one time 50-300 page book. This is all guess work and a little googling so don’t take these words for gospel, I’m sure I can clarify this information down the road.

I may be wrong but I see a comic like a 20 minute episode on TV and the graphic novel would be like the film, or the series.

In either case, here’s what i’ve done so far in short. I’ll elaborate on each over the next few posts.

The first stage for me was a story concept.

Then I did a little homework on how to write a story.

Then I started to write the story.

I had a few dramas along the way which made me need to create a ropey system to make things easier.

Then came the idea to document my workings on this blog.

So the next few posts will get you up to speed.

Release Date:17th September 2016Last Edit:21st September 2017