Saturday came and it was quiet so Nev went to chill at wicksteed with Judus. He didn't know what to draw that day to be honest, but something needed doing and he wanted it to be great. He was going out that night to Harborough with the types. It would be his second visit and he was ready for action. Judus mentioned the mighty Nev Nav at some point in the day, which triggered Nev off. Nev Nav is an imaginary navigation device, which has in the past got many people lost. It involves Nev sitting in a passenger seat of a car with his arm stretched out acting as a pointer (as seen in the game Driver), which in effect points you in the direction that you should be going... To the victims of Nev Nav, Nev send his apologies =) But they always have fun with it.

Nev had a good laugh drawing this one. Look around and see for yourself. If this device existed and worked in real life... it would be the only device man would ever need.

Nev shows the Nev Nav with lady radar turned on. Its time lets you know that Nev was at Harborough already (so he was predicting the future a bit) but it shows you how positive his mind set was already. He has a load of filters applied to the search criteria, as he had decided the night before that he would never settle for second again; and as you can clearly see. Out of all the people that the radar had picked up, there was nobody in sight that matched the criteria. Aiming high is probably why Nev doesn't pull on a night out =)


Nev Nav
Nev Nav