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Tyler felt like he had hit rock bottom. He'd just come out of yet another relationship completely confused. He never got answers. How could someone say in a text message that he was the all that they ever wanted in a guy, but when they had him they didn't feel the way they thought they'd feel. This made no sense to Tyler, especially afer hearing it four or five times before. Was this some sort of easy let down? He didn't understand and unfortunately this tore chunks out of his self esteem and made him feel small and useless.

So now he's found himself sitting down by his phone. His mocking phone with it's evil messages of cruelty. He felt alone. He had some sort of problem and nobody wanted to tell him what it was, so without this justification or reasoning he felt that if he tried again with someone new, he'll only fail again. So what's the point?

Instead of sitting around and boiling for weeks like he had done previously, Tyler had decided to get out of the house and stretch his legs. Walk and think, and maybe get some shopping whilst he was out. This was probably the most constructive idea that he could think of under the circumstances.

Meet Tyler
Meet Tyler